I’m sitting here in my office, late on a Monday (because 1 – its hot out side which means that my house is even hotter and 2 – because I ostensibly have work to do on a side project (akin to “consulting”) which I am totally not motivated to do but will pay for 1/3 of my tuition this fall should it get finished by Thursday morning at 8 AM, but I’m digressing), dreaming about all the plans that I have for my house and I realized that I have no vision. I have ideas of what I don’t like. I have ideas about certain areas that need “improvement”. But overall, the house has no vision.

I’m going to work on this. I’m going to think about color. Furniture. De-cluttering. Design. I’m going to cast a vision (inexpensively) and then try to implement.

Now. How do I do this?