I’ve been feeling a little “lazy” lately and have not knitting a single thing. To be fair, though, I have been working on repairing a crochet blanket that a friend of mine knit for her boyfriend in exchange for an engagement ring (fair exchange, no? a blanket for a ring…). Somehow one of her dogs got a’chewin’ on it and created a little hole. I’ve never fixed anything like this, so I’m taking my time and going bit by bit. I’ve got 2 rows out of 10 stabilized, so that is something, I suppose.

I have a baby show in 10 days for which I have not knit a single thing. And that makes me feel even more like a schmuck, cause this is a good friend. *sigh*

And to top everything off, work just got seriously busy. I just landed 2 big projects for the summer. Let me rephrase: I was just given two MORE projects to do over the summer. My Summer Project List is now over one page – something that hasn’t happened in 2 years. *sigh*

So I’m going to go do something today that I haven’t done in years.

I’m going for a swim over lunch.