tonja’s cooking tips #17 – 19

17. When baking something that starts off sloshey, it is best not to wear your iPod. *

18.  When using the self-cleaning function of your oven, don’t start the 4-hour process at 8 PM – you’ll stay awake worrying if your house is going to burn down.

19.  Use the self-cleaning function of your oven in a well ventilated house. **

* Because what will happen is your iPod will bump up against the open and hot oven door and fall out of the wonderfully designed and knitted iPod case you made for it 2 years ago, throwing you off-balance and causing you to spill the Quiche as the iPod slides down the door and into the egg goop that was going to be a Quiche 30 seconds before.

** Unless you want to test all the smoke alarms in your home.

3 thoughts on “tonja’s cooking tips #17 – 19

  1. I haven’t ever tried #17 (especially since I don’t knit). I have done #17 and even in a well ventilated house (all the windows open all over the house) I still set off the smoke alarm!!!

  2. At least you are brave enough to try the self cleaning feature of your oven. I’m putting it off for some reason!

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