feeling the crazy coming on

I’m coming home today after a week-long conference in Dallas. The only knitting news I have is that I have finished all of the Pearcy Chart A repeats and am ready to move on to Chart B – the one that has the patterning on every row (usually the “pattern row” is knit on one side of the fabric and the back side is all purled). I’ve inserted my lifeline and am chomping at the bits to learn how to do nupps. The only problem is that it may not be for a while, ’cause I feel the crazy coming on this week.

I won’t get home tonight until at least 9 PM. Then I have to be a church very early tomorrow for practice and setting up all the visuals because there will be lots of pictures this week. Then there is a Worship Arts End-Of-Year lunch today that will probably go until about 2:30 (for which I am supposed to bring something but I’m not gonna this time). And then I have grocery shopping to do.

Then…the real crazy week begins. First day at work after being gone for a week will be C.R.A.Z.Y. on top of which I will have bible study Monday night. Then on Tuesday I will still be playing catch-up on top of 3 long meetings (thankfully *not* back-to-back) and writers group Tuesday night. Probably band rehearsal on Wednesday night. But the one shining light at the end of the tunnel is Friday. I’m taking Friday off. Yey! A reward for one crazy-hectic week.

But now…I’m off to shower, pack, breakfast, and airport. Toodles!