my “other” me

How many people do you know can say that they are two? I’m not talking theoretical physics here, but they are two people living concurrent alternate realities?

Well, hello. My name is Tonja Brice. I have another “me” living in Michigan. My other me’s name is also Tonja Brice, a strange fact of coincidence that has caused our worlds to collide. I was born with my name – she married into hers (well, her last name anyway – I’ve never met anyone who changed their first name when they married, but I suppose stranger things have happened in this world, which, oddly, is the topic of this post, but I digress). We both have relatives named Maci/Macey. We both work in libraries (she is a librarian, while I simply work in one). We both live in the Midwest.

We live peaceful lives and occasionally they cross over to the other’s world.

I just wish, though, that she would cross over into mine and straighten out my yard. And clean my house. Maybe I could cross over into her life and knit her a sweater. No – wait. Cross that. If we are really living concurrent realities then she is a fiber freak too. Maybe I could write her a program. Yes – a database for her library?

How freaky would that be?

I’m suspecting that there is a book idea in this somewhere…maybe if I write it she’ll put it in her library! 🙂