a few adjustments

With the major electrical work on my house now finished, I feel free to re-organize my life/house. I moved 2 major bookshelves this weekend, allowing me to create some much-needed space in my “office”. The next re-org job will be to move the cube shelf (which is 4×2) to a different wall, which will then require a change in my desk, since the cube is holding up the desk. I’ve decided to do something funky and you’ll just have to wait for the pics to see what I have in mind. I want a longer desk that is narrower so that I can actually touch the wall – thus making use of the new corkboard/whiteboard that I will purchase.

But until then…I at least have more space in the office.

I also made a major, life-altering decision last week that will cause most of you who know me to give a sharp intake of breath and possibly faint. So I’m forewarning you now – you should be in a sitting position and have a cold damp cloth nearby for revival purposes.


I’ve decided to de-clutter my house.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

Yes, you did read that correctly. De-clutter. It’s about time. Yes, I know.

So, my first decluttering moment was this weekend when I attempted to take all (RE: ALL) of my old vinyl records to a record shop to sell. I said “attempted” because the excursion was actually a failure. I failed to realize that if I chose a record store “in the city” and chose to go on a weekend, then traffic (pedestrian, bike and vehicle) would be HELL. I really don’t know why people live in the city like that. No where to park, people EVERYWHERE and bikes all crazy. Since the record collection is fairly substantial, and the closest parking would be 2-3 blocks away at LEAST, I basically found the store and then drove on by and came back home again. I have a lead on a store that is MUCH closer to home, so attempt #2 will be made this Saturday.

I will have to say that aside from the 33 LPs that I own of Neil Diamond (and guess who’s coming in concert on July 6th!  WOOHOO!), I’m not going to miss the records much. I will keep 2, and only 2 records. My Mom’s high school marching band made a record (way cool, Mom!) and my next door neighbor, Terry and two of her siblings, recorded an album (way cool, Terry). So I will keep those and toss the rest.

I feel so L I B E R A T E D!


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