Setting Summer Goals

One thing I do poorly is planning. I set goals all the time, I just never plan to accomplish them. šŸ™‚

So, this summer I am setting a goal and I am planning on accomplishing it. Here’s my goal: to read 9 books this summer. Or as many of the 9 as I can finish. Here’s the background and context: several years ago (and my several I mean 11), I found a “pre-seminary reading” list on the RTS website (RTS = Reformed Theological Seminary). This reading list is divided into 12 categories and within those 12 categories the books are further divided into 3 more: Essential Reading, Further Reading and Advanced/Comparison Reading.

Three of the categories are not of immediate relevance to me, so for the remaining 9 I will choose 1 book to read this summer. Maybe by the time I’ve finished seminary I will have read the books on the “pre”-seminary reading list!

HereĀ are theĀ nine I’ve chosen:

Reading the Bible with Heart and Mind, TremperĀ Longmann III
Grow in Grace, Sinclair Ferguson
Summary of Christian Doctrine, Louis Berkof
Building a Christian World View (Vol 1), Hoffecker and Smith
The Story of Christian Theology, Roger Olson
Christ and Culture, H. Richard Niebuhr
Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God, JI Packer
*something* by Dr. Larry Crabb
Designed for Dignity, Richard Pratt, Jr.

That’s a lot of reading. I should probably go and get started on that.

But not before I tell you of my Summer Knitting Plans! Ha! You thought this would be all about books…didn’t you?

Well, as you may know, JH, my former roommate, is going to have a girl peanut, for which I am knitting something. An original T-BOD design and one EZ design.

TR’s wife is going to have a boy peanut, for which I will knit them something but I haven’t decided what yet and since their due date is coming up quicker than JH’sĀ due date, I had better get my *(&^% in gear and figure out what I’m going to do – but whatever I do it will be awesome ’cause that’s the kind of friend I am.

And I’ll continue on with the Pearcy shawl for Meme.

So, 9 books and 3+ knitting projects.

What are YOUR summer plans?


2 thoughts on “Setting Summer Goals

  1. My summer plans include a pictorial quilt and finishing my master knitter program-finally! I also hope to make a sourdough starter and explore the wonders of sourdough bread. If it works, do you want some of my starter?

  2. I (we) are about to embark on one of our lifelong dreams of going to England. And………..we leave tonight!!!! I will text you, daughter!!!

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