I know, I know

I’m here at work late tonight because I’m trying not to go home. Tomorrow I’m having a test done to see if the Doctor can tell why I’ve been having stomach issues. I’m a little nervous.

I know this is nothing major – many people in this world are suffering worse fates than me. But there is still a fear that they won’t figure out what is causing the issues, and quite frankly, I don’t think I can deal with the pain, the bloating and the not eating for 2-3 days every time I have an “episode”. Wimpy, I know.

So in preparation for being out of commission tomorrow, I purchased season 2 of Castle, the only season I’m missing. Shameless, I know.

I’m progressing nicely on the Pearcy¬†shawl. I have 1 more repeat of Chart A before I move on to the double-sided Chart B and nupps. I’ve never knit a nupp. Brave, I know.

And I’m continuing on with my short story about my Great-Grandmother. The family history says that she married at age 13/14 and had her first child, my Grandmother, at age 15. I’ve always been curious as to why someone would get married at that young age, so I’m writing my own version of what could have happened. Create, I know.