Knitting Maturity

I was confident in my confidence to knit another lacey shawl until Marylin pointed out that being overly confident may result in foolhardiness and to that I cannot disagree. So just as I had become comfortable with Chart A of the Percy shawl, and I had switched my “confidence” to “new aptitude with caution”, Jane piped in and said that the Percy shawl bested her. Her. The Percy shawl bested Jane, the super I-Can-Read-While-I’m-Knitting-Lace Jane. Oh dear.

Then this “new aptitude with caution” switched to fear: what right did I have trying to knit something as complicated as the Percy shawl. I mean, Estonian lace has no place in my rudimentary knowledge and skill of lacework. I was at a loss.

But these thoughts of fear had only crossed my mind after I had finished all 4 repeats of Chart A and after I had decided to repeat the 4 repeats of Chart A (and before you even begin to think that I was taking my rudimentary knowledge and skill of lacework and extending it beyond myself, the author of the Percy shawl very plainly said that if one wanted to, they could repeat Chart A to make the shawl larger. She said this very plainly, so I took her at her word) when I realized that I was doing Chart A very nicely. I was “learning to read the lace” (as I believe Jane would call it) and was charting away beautifully.

So I came up with a new plan. When I finish my second repeat of Chart A, I will do a lifeline. Then, if Chart B gets the better of me, I can always frog back to my lifeline and keep repeating Chart A until my shawl is big enough for my Grandmother. No harm done.

Then, if it so happens that Chart B actually gets completed, then I can put in another lifeline and repeat Chart B (because the author also said that this could be done) until the shawl gets large enough. Because if Chart B doesn’t get me, then it must be Chart C that bested Jane. And if it was Chart C that bested Jane, well, then I’ll have Charts A and B under my belt and I won’t even have to try Chart C at all.

And this actually seems like a rather mature thing to do. I’m not over-confident, I’m taking precautions and coming up with alternatives that will work, should I run into a problem. Wow. This is called Knitting Maturity.

At least for the moment. 🙂