I’m starting a new lace project – another shawl. It is called the Percy Shawl and if you click that link it will take you to a small snippit of the pattern. I’m knitting this in a lace-weight 80/20 cotton/wool blend from Brown Sheep Company. It is the “finer” yarn of their cotton fleece line of yarns and I think it is going to drape nicely – especially if I decide to add beads. The color is called Nymph and that is the link that will take you to their site to see the color. I’m on the second repeat of Chart A and so far, so good. 🙂 I’m doing this without a lifeline, so let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best, ’cause I’m knitting with confidence!

The challenge is going to come with Chart C because there is lace patterning on both sides of the shawl, so I will definitely let you all know how that goes! The designer says that there are 3 Eastonian Lace patterns in this shawl, so I guess I’m getting my first taste of knitting Eastonian Lace. Yikes! (For those who have no idea what Eastonian Lace is, click that link and then say “Yikes!”)

I’m still on vacation and so far it has been a good one. Aside from one small “oops” at work, I’ve not thought about it…much. I did get one emergency email and phone call on Monday, but there are now other capable people in my office who can do what I do, so I handed it off. Feels good to be able to do that!

I’m going to be driving back tomorrow and spending Easter with M, L and Bug – or more accurately, Easter evening. Then it is back to work on Monday!

4 thoughts on “confidence

  1. That will be beautiful! However, do not confuse knitting with confidence and knitting with foolhardiness. Fools rush in etc. etc. Lifelines! Lifelines!

  2. By the time I get to chart B (or C – whichever one has the “two-sided” pattern) I will be using lifelines! 🙂

    1. Oh no….(she says in complete dismay….). Now I have this empty pit-thingie at the bottom of my stomach. Well, if all else fails, I can repeat chart A ad-nauseum until it is big enough for Meme. I’ll have to add a nice little lifeline when I finish Chart A so that I can always frog back to that point!

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