the things we hear

I’m on vacation. A much needed break from life. I’m with my family and while I can’t post pictures right now, I can relay some of the conversations I’ve had recently with my nieces.

Conversation #1
I was leaving my sister’s house on Saturday night, barefoot, when my oldest niece, Miss O, runs after me…

Miss O: Tia (that’s what they call me)…put your shoes on. …Tia, you need to put your shoes on….Tia…shoes!

She then turns to my Mom and says…

Miss O: Are you the boss of her?

Conversation #2
Miss O had softball practice last night. Her younger sister, Grabby G, is infatuated with hand sanitizer. Her third trip to Miss O’s purse, where there is a rather large bottle of hand sanitizer, I stopped her and said that she had had enough.

Then I said: Maybe you could put some on my feet… (me just being silly, of course)

Grabby G looks at me and says: this is hand-tizer, Tia, not feet-tizer.


Conversation #3
I decided to take the girls out to lunch today but not tell them where we were going. We were nearing an intersection that Miss O knew and with some excitement in her voice she asked if we were going to Subway. I said, “No, just wait…”

Without missing a beat, Grabby G, says “awwwwk..ward”.

I couldn’t stop laughing.

I’m having loads of fun this week!


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