the river in Egypt

I have heard of cases where a knitter is knitting their first sweater and is so far off gauge that she could fit 3 entire people inside of the thing, and the knitter just keeps on knitting in the hopes that something, somewhere and at some point in the sweater’s construction things will just magically work out.

I’m at that stage.

I have decided that my dreams of making an extra-large Whippoorwill were ludicrous. It was folly of me to think that I, being a reasonable, logical person could do math and calculate exactly how many stitches it would take for me to do this. I’ve taken Calculus and Statistics – I’m a computer programmer, for goodness sakes! I AM LOGICAL!

And I had a plan. I had confidence that this task could be done and I set forth believing that this dream would come true.

But I am now realizing that this was egregiously erroneously bad thinking. Doesn’t the bible say “pride goeth before a fall”? (yes, it does…I should know.)

I have 573 stitches on my needles. The last “check” in the pattern for the large-sized shawl is 403. So I am 170 stitches and at least 30 rows beyond the point of where I made my bad decision. I’ve gone over the math so many times that I now have no way of knowing which end is up. I’m confused and I’m angry. And I keep repeating the mantra “there is no crying in knitting….there is no crying in knitting”. *sigh*

In my current situation, these are my options:

  1. Frog. This is my first inclination, except that I’ve already invested so much energy, thought and other stuff into this shawl that I can’t turn back now.
  2. Continue on with the pattern, even though I won’t be able to go through the repeats and come out even. This is appealing to me because of all the math I’ve done (I’m not saying that my math is correct, I’m just saying that I’ve done some math) indicates that I *should* come out even and only knitting the *!@#$%* thing will tell me in the end how “off” I really am.
  3. Re-do my math, maybe inventing some create new way to do “knitting math” and hope that I can figure out what I need to do to get back on track. Even if this were possible, I fear that it would require too much from me because if anything, it would mean that I would need to continue knitting until I get the correct number of stitches on the needles so that my repeats come out perfect, and I just can’t really stomach the idea of doing this. It is too depressing (why? because I’ve already done this 2 times now, believe it or not. See, I had a plan, and when that plan first failed, I “re-did” the math and came up with a new plan. Then I had to come up with another new plan because the previous new plan didn’t work out. So this would mean that I would need a new plan for the last new plan that was for the original new plan and see, now I’ve gone and confused myself with how many new plans there really were or are. This is what makes me depressed).
  4. Place the shawl in time-out, forget about it for a while, and let things cool down in the hopes that when it comes time to pick it back up again things will instantly become “clear” and I will know what needs to be done.

Number 4 sounds the most appealing to me, so I think that’s what I’m going to do.

Now I need to figure out what I’m going to work on next!


2 thoughts on “the river in Egypt

  1. #4 Sounds like a really good option.You are frustrated beyond doing anything rational with this project now. Put it aside and tackle it later………like maybe next year! Or the year after. You need to come at it again when you are really ‘cold’ with the math, etc. See you in about 3 weeks or less.

  2. I think #4 is the way to go, probably to be followed by #3, but after a break I always find I can be more philosophical about the frogging.

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