too good to be true

Yesterday and today it has felt like spring. The temps have been in the low to mid-60s and I noticed that my tulips have started to peek up through the ground. This has been an unusually mild winter – only 2 mild snow falls of about 5-6 inches each with a few more that were merely dustings. It hardly seems like this could be the sum total of our winter this year…and this is what makes me wonder what is yet to come. Will we get any more snow…or has spring truly begun? Only time will tell, I’m afraid.

Now that my big push of the 2 projects are finished, I am once again knitting on the Whippoorwill shawl. I have 571 stitches on the needles right now and I’m running out of needle space – which means that I need to purchase some more…oh rats! 🙂 I will need to make a decision soon as to which yarn I will use for the contrasting eyelets, but I figure I have about 10 rows left before I have to make that final decision – and at 5:70+ stitches and growing, it will be a while yet.

As to health news, I am finally starting to feel better. I’m still congested, but the coughing is under control. I’ve often wondered if you could give yourself a concussion from coughing too hard – there were times that my brain hurt because I was coughing so hard. Well, that has subsided for now, thankfully.

Now that my first lace project is finished, I have a hankering to make another. the problem is choosing a pattern. So many to choose from. I may even decide to be really, really brave and design one of my own. Maybe.


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