check one off

My #1 New Years Resolution Goal was to finish a lace shawl. I am pleased to announce that this is finished. CHECK!

I’m not sure why being sick on Saturday and choosing to stay home to rest (I didn’t get out of bed until 10 AM!) apparently paid off. I set to work on this shawl, moving my lifelines up appropriately, and when it got to about 8 PM I had just finished the 3rd chart, which meant that I had one more chart to go. So I decided to go for it. I had it done by 9:15 PM.

This is what the lacework looks like pre-blocking. Just a small, undefined blob of knitting. The next step is to soak the shawl so that the fibers are nice and pliable for the stretching and shaping process.

Those wires at the top are my blocking wires. Next comes the time-consuming part: wiring up the thing.

I did the long edge first and had one side done and was working on the third side when I realized that the sides were scalloped, so I had to take out the 2nd side and re-wire it to bring out the scallops. I’m still not convinced that I did this right, but there you go. I checked it this morning and it was almost dry.

So yesterday, while the Mystery Shawlette was preparing for the blocking process, I decided to finish this little thing up:

And it also took a little bath:

And went on the blocking wires.

The directions for this shrug said to block the center section, leaving the ribbing alone so that it would retain its stretchiness. Once this is dry I will fold in half lengthwise, pick up the  stitches on the edges and knit a little sleeve (or two). I think Little Miss O will like this, no?

So I now have two items finished up and are happily being blocked.

I’d say it was a good weekend.

Just wish this cold/congestion/bronchitis/muck would go away.