A Little Ladybug Tale

Once upon a time there was a little ladybug who lived on a beautiful red hydrangea shrub with her mommie, daddie and sissie. She felt very safe and loved.

One day she decided to be a brave little ladybug and move to a new shrub, a wonderful smelling lilac shrub, all by herself. Her mommie and daddie did not understand why she would want to do this, but the little ladybug was very sure that she needed to make this move.

So she made the move. At first things were great. She met lots of new ladybugs and felt very blessed to have made the move and knew she had done the right thing.

All these new ladybugs that she was meeting became such wonderful friends! They came from near and far and had many interesting tales to tell. The little ladybug loved listening to all their adventures. She was sad when some of them moved on to other shrubs, but she knew that before long she would meet another new ladybug and would hear some more fabulous tales from afar.

But one day, the little ladybug got sick. She was so sad. All she could think about was her mommie and daddie and how far away they were. She wished she could be near them now. But just as she was starting to feel really sick and really depressed, one of her new ladybug friends, who had an interesting accent, showed up with a surprise that made the little ladybug feel happy and loved (even though she was still sick).

The little ladybug never regretted making the move to the new shrub even though she missed her mommie, daddie and sissie very much.


4 thoughts on “A Little Ladybug Tale

  1. With proper illustration this would make a good children’s book. It might be help a child that has to move away from their friends.

  2. OK. I get the ‘story’ of the ladybug, but explain the beautiful blue shawl!!! AND, I am very happy you are feeling better–as of last night.

    1. Jane knit me a shawl – I purchased the yarn and she knit it up. She does AMAZING lacework…and she does it while she reads (which I totally don’t get). I am so blessed to have friends that are great knitters and can teach me things. Jane does lace – Kate does colorwork – and Marylin does just about everything. 🙂

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