there and back again

Almost sounds like a book title, eh? Well, I’ve been to Louisiana and back and I think I am a little worse for the wear. Here are the highlights:

  • I got to see friends and family that I haven’t seen in years. I got caught up with Tracey and Janice, both friends from college.
  • It was very difficult to see my Grandmother grieve the loss of her oldest son. I was emotionally prepared to say good-bye to Ben, but I was not prepared for my Grandmother.
  • My nieces handled themselves very well, and I even think Olivia is going to be a mortician. She was quite fascinated with the whole open casket thing.
  • I never really realized how old my parents were until I saw them talking to a bunch of “old people” and realized these were their friends from high school. That was quite the realization.
  • Small towns are always quite fascinating to me. I needed to have the oil changed in my car and I stopped at a place that my Uncle used. The owner recognized my name (last name) and made the association with Uncle Ben. We then got to talking and he actually remembered my Grandfather as a teacher in high school. Both my parents graduated from West Monroe High, my Grandfather was a teacher there, all of Ben’s kids went to school there and my cousin’s children are now going through school there. A long history with one school and one community.
  • LC did great on the drive, averaging 35.5 mpg.
  • My legs did not bother me at all on this trip, which is good, considering that my drive home last year was awful. I guess stopping very frequently paid off.
  • The temperature differential between here and Louisiana has caused a chest cold and I am now suffering from sleep deprivation and a cold.
  • Very, very little knitting was done on this trip. Too many things got in my way. Oh well.



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