halt. undo. start over.

Well, after I started in on the “Party Shrug” for Little Miss O, I realized that I had no clue how to follow the pattern. I cast on, proceeded with following instructions, got to line 2 and gave up. Frogged. Cast on again, read, re-read line 1 and made attempt #2. And gave up. Frogged. So I brought the pattern to K1Frog2, who is the “resident expert” and she read the pattern and looked at me with raised eyebrows like “uh, I don’t think so – not for you anyway”. I hate it when patterns get weird. This one called for something like “pick up the fifth bar below the preceding stitch pull up to form loop and put on right needle”. What? English, please.

So we are NOT going to make the aforementioned Girl’s Party Shrug. Instead we are going to make this:

I plan on doing the ribbed edge in pink and the main section in a light purple. She should be happy with this!

In other, sadder, news, I may be out of touch for a few days. My Uncle, my Dad’s older brother, does not have much longer to live, so I may have a funeral to attend. Nothing is certain…and he could live another month or another day.  My thoughts and prayers are with my cousin, Meredith, as she takes care of him. And to my Grandmother, who will not take the news of his passing very well at all.


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