well, good morning

Yup, itsa┬áMonday and while this is not my “busy” week, I can already tell that it is going to be a doozy. I attempted to cast on and start knitting the “Party Shrug” for my niece, pictured below but I got stuck on line 1 of the instructions. Not a great start to a project. So I’ve brought said pattern and am going to ask my resident expert, aka K1Frog2 for help today at lunch. Hopefully she can shed some light on my erroneous pattern interpretations.

I made pizza for the first time Friday night and my friend Lee Ann came over to watch the first 3 episodes of Warehouse 13, Season 3. I think I cooked the pizza about 9 minutes too long, but other than that it was really good – just a little overly crunchy.

I’ll try again soon.

That’s it for now. Need to go and earn my salary.