the off-work brain

As I start writing this post it is 4:59 PM – one full minute to go until I’m “officially” off work, but let’s face it – my brain has been off work for about 45 minutes already. 🙂

I am pleased to say that I have resisted the temptation of going out and “celebrating” my frugality last month. 🙂 See, I can learn something new, right? Yipee!

And I’ve done a lot of knitting lately. I found myself in a frustrated mood this morning because of an email that, well, frustrated me. I won’t go into specifics, but I had a good therapy session with my Whipporwill shawl. Let’s just say that it is coming along quite nicely, thank you very much. I’m actually thinking about starting the eyelet row soon…which would be a very nice change from the very mundane, but therapeutic, stockinette that I’ve been doing. With over 540 stitches on the needles, a lot of therapy can happen on one row.

I have no band rehearsal tonight, so I’m finding myself unexpectedly free. Hm..what to do, what do to? I think I will stay and work some. And watch a TV show while I’m at it. I can do that now – watch TV and work – because it is after 5 PM. Joys of working late!