work in progress

Here is the progress I’ve made on the Summer Mystery Shawlette. I can’t show you what it should look like when I’m finished (until I’m finished) because it is a mystery. But this is what it looks like so far (as always click to embiggen):

Lace is one of those things that until you block it (stretch it out essentially) it doesn’t look like much. This shawl will “grow” considerably once it is blocked and the lace will be beautiful. Here is a close up.

And here is the Whipporwill in progress. This is the one that has over 500 stitches on the needles right now.

Those two “yellowey” things on the left mark the center of the shawl. This measures about 14 inches right now and will grow to around 20-22, which means there’s gonna be a whole heck of a lot more stitches on them thar needles (said with a bad po’ southern accent) before I’m finished. It’s a good thing that I am in no rush to get this done.

And just because today’s lake scene was interesting, I bring you this:

The lake peeks through the center just a bit. What made this interesting this morning was the cloud cover. It wasn’t really cloud cover as much as it was some type of cloud fog/mist. The sun was very hazy and it was hard to distinguish the water from the sky.

Well, until next time.

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