i need a sven

Do you remember the AT&T commercials that aired a few years ago featuring Sven?

I have often remarked that I need a Sven…running my life just gets too complicated sometimes. Too many things to remember…too many things to do. Case in point: today. I have knitting at noon with Kate..so I had to remember my knitting, which is good because tonight I also have knitting group at church – killed 2 birds with that stone, thankfully. But then I had to remember my lunch…and dinner…and snacks – this is so that I can maintain some semblance to keeping a budget (*ahemdadahem*) and not spend waste money eating out. That’s a lot of food to carry around. Plus I had to remember my work out clothes so that after work and before knitting group I can try to work out. Plus I have a vocabulary quiz tomorrow and so I had to remember to bring my words with me so that while I’m working out I can study words. Plus, to even attempt to remember to do anything I have to keep a calendar…so I had to remember to bring that as well. I wish houses were portable…oh, wait, they can be, can’t they? Hm…perhaps I should sell my house and buy an RV. That’s a thought.

Anyway, this week is my first real test as to how I am going to do attempting to manage my life without Sven. Wish me luck!


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