the absence of color

I’ve heard it said that white is not a color, it is actually the absence of color. What seems marvelous to me is that when the world is coated with snow, which is white, every other color is more profound. The sky is bluer, the lake is bluer, the trees are browner and all of this fantasy of color just makes the world pop. Scenes from Dr. Zhivago come to mind – vast lands of snow with vibrant pops of color in the buildings (mainly the churches) and the clothing.

A Russian Orthodox church faithfull walks in front a church, as she assists  in a monastery Optina Pustyn near the town of Kozelsk, Kaluga region some 260 km south-west of Moscow, Russia, 03 January 2010. Optina pustyn monastery was the most important spiritual centre of Russia in 19th century. 

Photo copyright by EPA/SERGEI CHIRIKOV.

Such was the world that I woke up to this morning. Vast amounts of snow blanketing my world. (Okay, maybe not “vast” but everything was covered by at least 2 inches.) It gave me the opportunity to use my wonderful snow blower. It took about 45 minutes to do my 70-foot driveway, font sidewalk, path to my door and the front steps, the walk along the side of my house + the walk along the side of my neighbor’s house and the walkway back to my garage. It was slow but boy did it save my back.

I also made a profound realization this morning. There is a lot of pressure in owning a home…and I’m not just talking about financial pressure – I’m talking more about keeping up appearances. As I was out doing the font part of my property, I was comparing my efforts to those of my neighbors. Am I doing as much of the sidewalk as everyone else? Am I doing it in a timely manner? Is my snow blower too loud?

These thoughts become more insidious in the spring and summer when my yard looks absolutely pathetic. Gardening and such is NOT my forte, as anyone who knows me well can attest. I really need to make a decent effort to have some positive changes made to my yard this year…I certainly don’t want to be the “ugly house on the block”.

Anyway, I digress. Snow has been dumped, the world is white and winter is finally here. Happy Friday the 13th!