life lines

AFTER I studied some Greek words last night and
AFTER I did some creative writing and
AFTER I did some journaling…I picked up the shawl for Savannah and started knitting.

This is the shawl that I wrote about a while ago where I was going to use some lifelines…and guess what? That plan paid off!

The pattern is a 12-stitch repeat. I was working on a row that was doing a double decrease (decreasing by 2 stitches, but don’t worry, they get added back) which involves 3 stitches. But the 3 stitches were on both sides of the stitch markers…so I had to move stitches to the right needle, remove the stitch marker, move the stitches back to the left needle, do the double decrease and then replace the stitch marker. At one point I dropped a few…and if the life line had not been there I would have had to go digging and pulling up stitches. Instead I simply recovered the stitch. Yey!


Thank goodness for lifelines!