the opposite

or nearly the opposite of the last post has happened…I’m not feeling quite as overwhelmed today as I did a week ago. I’ve spent about 3 hours so far going back over my greek notes and making flash cards for words…and things are coming back. not as fast as I would like, but by the end of January I should be pack on par with the rest of the class…which is a good thing.

I’m still trying to decide which pattern I’m going to do for Savannah’s shawl, but right now I’m thinking it will be this in a nice turquoise color. I’m hoping that for those of you not on Ravelry you’ll still be able to see the pattern. Let me know if you can’t. It was designed by Wendy Johnson, one of the blogs that I follow and she does a lot of shawls and socks and has become one of my favorite designers. Anyway, she posted this last summer as a mystery project…where she posted the first part and then a week later the next and so forth, until all 6 parts were published, so that you didn’t know what you were knitting until you were all finished…or like me so slow that everyone else finished WAY ahead of you and the pictures went up on Ravelry fairly quickly spoiling all the fun. But I digress. I think this will be “fancy” enough and yet “practical” enough that a 15-year-old girl should love it, no?

Well, I’m off to study some more greek!