an unexpected gift

Every once in a while a gift is given to a recipient that is completely unexpected and yet totally amazing. This year my mother went above and beyond herself to give my sister and I a treasure of family history.

This is a collection of our family recipes – recipes that my parents grew up with, some are recipes that my grandparents grew up with and some are ones that my sister and I grew up with.

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Ever since I moved to Chicago 10 years ago, I have bombarded my mother with requests for recipes.  “remember when you made that dish….” Well, now I believe I have most of them right here.

The only problem now is that in her letter to us in the front, she basically commands my sister and I to add our own and pass this along. As you can see from the first picture – there is no room to add to this!


One thought on “an unexpected gift

  1. By the time you and your sister get ready to do this project, I envision a VERY tech savy daughter doing the additions to this book digitally. Even I, tech non-savy person that I am, scanned all the recipes and printed them for these 2 books. Did you NOT know that some scrapbookers do their scrapbooks totally online??? You could, too.

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