there is a moral to the story

Being a part of a worship team is interesting. I don’t play or sing, but I do consider my “position” to be nearly essential – you see, I run the sound, which is to say I make all the other people sound good together. (At least I hope I do.) The church that I now go to is very small – less than 200 people. Now I know that current chuch statistics would state that a church of 100 is average, so any church over 200 is considered “large”. But keep in mind that my church in Atlanta is now probably over 3500 and the church in Lake Forest that I’ve been going to for 8 years is now probably close to 1500 between the three services, so a church of 200 is small by my standards.

Anyway, being a part of the whole worship experince is interesting. Take this week for example. Our worship leader had an out-of-town wedding to go to this weekend so he cancelled practice on Thursday night. Which is fine, I don’t mind having a night off. It just means, though, that come Sunday I have a little more work to do because part of running sound is also preparing the lyric slides (we project all of our songs). So I decided to get up a little early and make my way down to church so that I could have a “relaxing” time of getting prepared for service at 10.


Except that my car would not start.

Now, mind you, I have a brand-spanking new car purchased 8 months ago. It only had 25 miles on it. It should work.


But it didn’t. So I sat and tried to figure out what to do.

Which was, naturally, to call my daddy. What to do? What to do?

I know that battery was fine – I had power. It would just not turn over. I had gas, oil and everything else required, but it just would not start.

20 minutes go by and I send an email to my church pastor. I call the worship leader and leave a message. I send a text to Kate’s husband. And in between all I talk to my dad.

At one point I decided to take a look at the engine. Why? I have no clue, but you know, in the off chance that there was something quite obviously wrong, I decided to take a peek. Of course I could see nothing wrong.

Some more time goes by and Kate’s husband calls back. He’ll leave in 10 mintues.

Great. My rescuer is on his way!

So for some reason, that I cannot now fathom, I decided to push my car out of the garage. Maybe I was thinking that we would need jumper cables and they would be best acquired from the back of the car which we would need light to find. Perhaps I was thinking that we would discover the problem better if she (the car) were outside. The though might have even crossed my mind that I could push the car fast enough to pop the clutch and get it working that way. Either way, I got it into my head to move her outside.

So I let off the emergency break and opened the door and started pushing. I knew that I would be able to do this – if I could push the Accord all by my self, then surely I could push a Fit, right? And sure enough, she started moving. But then I realized that she was moving a little too quickly and the door was still open.

So I closed the door so that it would not hit the side of the garage. But then, horror of horror, I realized that she was STILL moving and that I need to stop her. So I tried to run out of the garage but there was not a whole lot of room between the car and the garage door and I very nearly got stuck. In fact, I got so nearly stuck that my pants got hooked on something and now there is a ginormous gaping hole where the pocket should be. But never fear, I got out of the garage in time to see the car come to a nice halt (with no help from me).

When I recovered from that little escapade I suddenly realized that Kate’s husband was still on his way and boy-o-boy I had better change pants before he gets to my house and sees parts of me he should not see (and yes, I was more concered about Derek seeing me pantless than I was my neighbors at that point).

But all is well, thankfully. It took a few more tries and LC just started right up as if nothing had ever happened. I was able to call Derek and have him not come. I made it to church on time to get everything done and not feel pressured. And as I was leaving church LC started right up.

Moral? I am sure you are wondering what gem of truth I will glean out of this, yes?

Always buy 2 pairs of pants!


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