I have a problem. I like to buy things. Usually small things like a book here and there, or a really nice pen. Buying things makes me feel like I’m not poor – at least not until I look at my bank account and see that balance going down. So I started the month of December with the strong commitment to not buying anything “extraneous” and I’m finding that I’m having a very difficult time of it.

I did purchse 2 knitting magazines this month and one skein of yarn (pink yarn for a scarf for my niece Gabby). I will be eating out tonight with my small group…so there will be a small expense for that. But I’ve been taking my lunch and not eating out as much because eating out is expensive.

But there are a few books I wouldn’t mind purchasing from Amazon even though I have aprozimately 572 books either on Kindle or in my house that I have yet to read. And I would like to purchase some yarn for a shawl that I would like to knit even though I have 47 other projects lined up. And there is an audio book sale that I would like to partake in even though I have not even remotely finished listening to the 2 books I purchased last month. But I am holding strong. I will NOT purchase anything that will not be a Christmas gift (for which I am actually done, thank goodness!).

I am not going to give in to temptation. So there.

(I feel better now that I’ve written it down and gotten it off my chest. Thank you for listening.)

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