He is the protector of Caroline. Even though he is a few days younger than she is, I feel that he will quickly mature into the loving protectorate that he was born to be.

The most difficult part was the eyes. The pattern called for a french knot (as in embroidery) and try as I might I just could not get it to do what it was supposed to do. So in the end, I tied a knot, brought the needle from the back of the head and pulled it up through the first eye, pulling that first knot into the head. Then I simply tied a knot and went back into the head and out the other eye and tied another knot. Then I had to figure out what to do to “plant” the end, so I tied a 4th knot real close to the eye (about 2 mm apart) and pulled it through. It seemed to work. I had to readjust the eyes a little, but it works and they are not coming out any time soon.

Now, the second most difficult part was of my own doing because I thought for a moment that the author of the pattern certainly could not have written it down correctly and therefore I was “correcting” her mistake. Well, it was me, rather than she that was wrong and I was too stubborn to go back and fix my “mistake”, so I ended up having to transpose about 20 rows of knitting. The second ear was the victim of pattern abuse but in the end I think it turned out just right. Whew. I just might have learned a few lessons about pattern abuse in the process of making little Elijah. But all is well and he is currently living with his rightful owner, a beautiful little girl named Caroline.



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  1. Sooo cute! I feel a special connection, having been there when his first stitches were cast on. Go, Elijah!

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