being afraid

My thanksgiving was nice. Relaxing, bingeing and knitting were all in proper order. I also made Cornish Hens with a White Wine Sauce and carried them over to the H’s house. Friday I played video games with Bug and while it was fun playing video games, I was most impressed that he has learned a lot about Super Mario Brothers since the last time we played. In fact, he may know more than me. *gasp*

But what I’m afraid of these days is baking bread. I want to learn this craft. I have friends to know this craft. And yet I’m nearly paralyzed with fear in attempting to make this stuff. Lori even gave me a very easy-peasy recipe for some English Muffin Bread and yet I still can’t bring myself to try this. *sigh* Maybe tomorrow night.

In knitterly news, I have one Christmas FO (finished object). I finished my sister’s gift on Friday and I have to say that I am impressed that I FINISHED it exactly 1 month prior to my deadline. 🙂 Sa-weet! On to other things.

In school news – I will be finished with everything I need for this semester on Monday, December 5th. But until then I will have NO life. I have a book to finish, notes to assimilate and some flyers to make. Not difficult things, just time-consuming things.

In vacation news – I was not going to go away for Christmas this year…primarily because I have 1 week of vacation left and I wanted to take it in April, but family has other plans for me this holiday season. My Uncle, my Dad’s older brother, has been battling lung cancer for over a year now and was diagnosed a week ago with an inoperable brain tumor and they are giving him 2-3 months. So, I will be making a trip back to Louisiana after Christmas to see my Uncle and say good-bye to him.

I have a lot of fond memories of Uncle Ben. The summers that we went back to Louisiana were made wonderful by him. He had a ski boat and a cabin on a lake. I remember fishing, boating, skiing, 4-wheel driving and swimming at his place on the lake. He sold the cabin a few years back but that was a very magical place for me. He taught me how to fish, even if he did end up making me hate fish because he insisted that I learn to clean what I caught. I haven’t eaten fish since I was 9, but the memories of learning to fish are still very fond memories.

I am most sad for my Grandmother in all of this. She has feared cancer more than anything in her life and while she is cancer free, watching her eldest child die of cancer can’t be easy.