learning my lesson

In my mind I am a perfect knitter. My stitches are evenly formed. My colorwork is loose and even. And my lace is always perfect.

Reality is, however, quite different. While my stitches are usually very evenly formed, the one colorwork piece I did was way too tight (nevermind that it was my first one and I didn’t really know what I was doing, but that is beside the point). My lace, on the other hand, is horrible. I knit along…following the pattern…and I can go for rows and rows and rows with no mistakes. But then one happens and I have little to no idea how to fix it. Currently, the lace panel insert to my shawl needs to be frogged from a mistake I made 3 rows ago. I have a mistake on my Blue Waves shawl and I seriously cannot find it. It’s just one little stitch – but that one little stitch means everything.

So instead of taking a trip into the City yesterday to buy more yarn…I cast on for another lace shawl. I know, I know…I’m setting myself up for failure. Nope – not this time. THIS time I am going to use lifelines. What are lifelines, you may ask? They are these little strings of thread that are “woven” into the fabric that you move along as you knit so that if you do need to rip back, you can rip back to the lifeline and then go from there.

Here is an example. Here is my first lifeline that I’ve woven in on row 6 of my shawl.

Here is what it looks like after I’ve knit 2 more rows.

I’ve now knit 9 rows above the lifeline and I will pull this one out and insert it into the new row. I am determined to get through this with minimal frogging…and minimal tears. I guess I’m ready to learn something new!

In other news…Latha is back so we are now full staff again – YEY! And I’m going to be getting my house re-wired the week after Thanksgiving – YEY!


2 thoughts on “learning my lesson

  1. I think you also need to learn to read your knitting… Lifelines are a good idea though, but I never bother with them. The way I do it is to pay attention to a certain point in each repeat to see if it looks right – if it doesn’t, I read back to where I made the mistake and then knit backwards to it and restart. Plus I’ve learned lots of fudging skills to recover from more major mistakes.

    Pretty yarn – what is it?

    1. Jane, I hear what you are saying…but while I am getting better at reading lace, I’m still not that great at it. Even with the lifeline, though, I’m still finding mistakes of the small kind. Luckily it has not messed up the pattern at all, otherwise I would definitely have frogged.

      As to the yarn…I have no clue. I’ll find the tag and give an update on it tomorrow. 🙂

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