weekend doings

Okay – I seriously don’t want another busy weekend like that one! The play on Friday was good – the students did a fabulous job of singing and acting but they simply were not loud enough…except for Megan. I could hear her just fine.

I bought 2 pairs of jeans. Ugh. I hate shopping for clothes, but I didn’t want to face winter with just capri’s so I broke down and went to Macy’s. It was a perfect excuse to go to a book singing for a new author: Sherri Gallagher. She wrote a book called Dangerous Turn Ahead. I purchased one for Bug, ’cause he’s a boy, and one for me, ’cause I want to read it too.

Then on Sunday I brought home some Christmas Tree advent calendar boxes to assemble for the kids ministry at church. These are little 2×2 inch boxes, 21 green and 3 red, and when assembled they look like a Christmas tree. They are going to decorate them this weekend, which means that I needed to get them done, so I did 8 trees on Sunday and two last night. Not complicated, just a little time-consuming.

I did something fun, if not a little belated, for my half birthday this year. You didn’t hear me make a big fuss over it because I was having lots of company and was furiously cleaning and doing other necessary “pre-company” tasks. So I delayed it a little and purchased these:

They are personal “calling” cards by a company called MOO and they are half the size of a normal business card. I put my blog, gmail account and ravelry information on there…simply because I want to have something ready to hand out when I meet other knitters – or anyone who wants to read my blog. I chose a design that featured artist Katrien Janin, just because I thought her work looked cool – different and a little weird, but not completely bizarre.

And just for fun, I tucked a little QR code in there that says … well – I’ll wait and let you figure it out for yourself!  🙂

On a health note – I had an appointment with my doctor today and she increased my Synthroid to 100 mcg’s per day. I’m just not feeling well and after talking to her we agreed that we are going to target my TSH to be about 2 and right now it is over 4. Hopefully that will help me get some energy back. pleasekeepyourfingerscrossed!