taking a break

This weekend is going to be busy, busy, busy. It starts at 5 PM tonight with dinner at The Lantern, a long-time restaurant in Lake Forest. I’ll be meeting a gob of people, but mainly Kate and Derek will be there because after dinner, we will be going to see their daughter, Megan, play Kate in Pirates of Penzance – this fall’s theater production at Lake Forest College. I have to say I’m rather excited to see this because I’ve only seen one other Gilbert and Sullivan production when I went with Jane to see The Mikado at the Lyric Opera House last year. And who doesn’t love the Major-General’s song “I am the very model of a modern major General…”?

Then tomorrow I will be going to a book signing for Sherri Gallagher’s new book Dangerous Turn Ahead. Sherri is in the writer’s group that I joined last year and I’m very excited to know an author and see her work in print. Since it is a book geared towards 12-year-old boys, I thought I would buy a copy for Bug. He’ll be 9 in December, so he’s a little young, but I’m sure he’ll grow into it.

After that I will be having dinner with Julie and Rebekah – to meet and catch up on things, but mostly to celebrate Rebekah’s birthday. Should be an evening of fun!

And finally, my church in Highland Park is hosting the Gospel Choir from Lake Forest, and I will have to be there to run sound, of course. Lots of people in the house on Sunday…let’s hope I can get it all to sound good.

And if none of that sounds like I’m taking a break, you would be correct. Except that the break I’m taking is not from activity but from lace. I’ve picked up my sweater again, and am knitting on that for a while because it 1) requires virtually no thought 2) it is simple and 3) it is not lace.

I’ll take a picture over the weekend and show you my progress. If I have time!


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