no crying in knitting

Remember that famous line in A League of Their Own where Tom Hanks’ character yells at one of the players “There’s no CRYING in baseball!!!!!”. Well, sometimes I have to remind myself that there should be no crying in knitting either.

I was working on the lace panel inset for my shawl yesterday and every.single.row I messed up. Sometimes twice. Frog, frog, frog. I seriously wanted to cry. But I didn’t. I frogged away, re-knit rows (several times) and made some progress.

I still haven’t finished the elephant, though, and that almost makes me want to cry – just *one* more ear….just *one* more ear…

But it made me happy to make lots of progress on my sisters…thing. (She might actually decided to pop in here someday and I don’t want to give anything away…she can be sneaky like that.) I knit about 12 rows…12 complicated and time-consuming rows. I sure wasn’t crying about that!


One thought on “no crying in knitting

  1. Welcome to my world. It’s a miracle I finish anything! Seriously, though, sometimes you just need to take a breather from knitting to regain your focus. Walk around, get a cup of tea, etc. Of course, some days the breather is longer than others…

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