no regrets

I did something I haven’t done in years: I ran. I’m working with a youth group at an Hispanic church in south Waukegan on Tuesday nights and we always open with games for the kids. I don’t usually partake…but this week we played Steal the Bacon (we play the version where the “bacon” has to cross the center line and back into the “protected” area..quite the challenge). And this week we did something we’ve never done before: kids against adults. There were 10 kids and 5 adults – and before you think that we were out numbered…we had strategy going for us. In the end, just as I made a “break” for the bacon, one of the kids made a break for our “bacon” and we ended up with a stalemate. But I sure was proud of my “break for the bacon”! I ran across that line like it was nobody’s business and made it into the safe area like a breeze. HA!

The unfortunate thing was the running and stopping required for such a tremendous  feat of athleticism hurt my knees something fierce. But it was sure worth it!

Needless to say I didn’t exercise on Wednesday…or Thursday…but I will today.

Tonight, though, tonight Kate and I are hittin’ the town! We are going to JoAnn’s for some fabric for Kate and to look at some beads for me and we are going to eat out (Chipotle for her and 5 Guys for me). It will be glorious!

Then it is a weekend of knitting: finishing up little Elijah the Elephant and trying to finish the lace panel for my shawl.

Should be a good weekend all the way around.


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