finally…an FO

That’s FO – Finished Object. Yes, the baby blanket is finished. My deadline was 11AM today (Saturday) and I finished it last night at 11:30. Nearly 12 hours ahead of time! Woohoo!

Ta Da! (click to embiggen)

The blocking really opened up the waves so that you can see the holes and it holds its shape really well. It turned out “lighter” than I had anticipated, but I guess that is par for the course with DK weight yarn.

I had one section with a dropped stitch – it was at the end of the blanket and the stitch fell down 2 sections. I think it happened when I was doing the last lacy section and as I was dropping the yarn overs that produce the wave, I also dropped a stitch along with them. When I tried picking them all back up I had trouble figuring out 2 things: how do I re-create the lace pattern and how do I “attach” the dropped stitch so that it becomes “bound off”? I decided not to re-create the lace. So that left the problem of how to bind it off.

So what I did was for the medium purple section, I picked up the stitch all the way up to where it connected with the light purple. Then I chose to weave in the end of the yarn from the medium purple section and kind of bind it off by weaving it in. Then I repeated that with the light purple section. I don’t know if that was all the right thing to do, but it seemed to work. Regardless, they are picked up, they are bound off, and you can’t really tell.

So the baby shower was today (at 11). Julie loved the blanket…and the bonus was that she and Nathan graduated from Northwestern…whose colors are purple and white. Guess which blankie will be “game day” blankie?  🙂 I’d say it was a success.

Now…off to the elephant.