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So I awoke yesterday to very chilling temperatures: 43 degrees outside and it was raining. As I was walking out to my car, having to don my parka for the first time this fall, I was thinking, “hm…a few fewer degrees in the temps and this would be snow, not rain.”

That thought stayed with me all the way to work and I decided to post that thought on Facebook – aiming the remark more towards my friend Kat who dreams about snow 24/7/365. (I kid you not.) And here are the results of that remark.

Then we were sidetracked into a discussion about cross-country skiing (I won’t bore you with the details) but a little later on Jane posted this:

I finally heard from Kat, who finished the first discussion with this:

So, my official new “title” is PROPHET OF DOOM, or POD for short. Thanks, Jane!

But in some rather exciting news I bring you this:

Click to embiggen.

Yes! It is the baby blanket taking a little soak. This is necessary because the blanket is a little “lacy”, and in order to open up the stitches so that you can see the lacework, you have to stretch the blanket into shape. See next step:

Un blocked, this blanket measures 32×34. Blocked it measures 32×40. Big difference. And you can see the “waves” undulating perfectly in the Plum, Purple and Lilac. I ended up purchasing a set of blocking wires yesterday because the thought of pinning each and every row was just too much. What I did not anticipate was how long it would take me to actually weave those blocking wires into place. Ugh! But I think the wires will give the blanket a more uniform rectangle look than just pins.

I did, however, notice one more mistake: a dropped stitch. I’ll have to fix it tomorrow morning after I take it out of blocking position. I won’t, however, have time to finish the elephant before tomorrow’s baby shower. Oh well. I guess it will be a “birthday” present for the baby.

Signing off,

5 thoughts on “a new monniker

  1. It looks beautiful!

    Don’t let the P.O.D. moniker get you down. I would have called you much worse, had I known. Snow, indeed! There, now you’ve done it! You’ve got me swearing too. Please try to refrain from using the “S” word, just in case Mother Nature is listening!

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