I’ve had a few setbacks in my “knitting” of the baby blanket. I’m sort of under a deadline since the baby shower is THIS Saturday and I would really, really like to show up with *something*. And since all these people know I am a knitter, and that I’m knitting something for Julie…well, there is pressure involved. Guess what happens when I, Tonja, try to knit under pressure.

Mishap #1
I was knitting away, doing the “pattern” row, got to the end and had an extra stitch. I had 3 choices at this point: 1) do an actual count, 2) frog that row or 3) continue on figuring that I just somehow messed up on one of the repeats and that the next pattern row would work out perfectly. Guess which one I chose to do?

Yup…I kept on knitting. The next pattern row, which by this time was 8 rows up and a color change in the yarn (re: too much knitting had transpired and ripping back would be nearly impossible in my book), I did the pattern row..and guess what? I again had one extra stitch in the row. So figuring that I *again* made a mistake in one of the repeats, I continued on.

So I come to the next pattern row, which was another 8 rows knitted plus another color change and guess what? One extra stitch. So now it is nearly impossible for me to even consider ripping back, and knowing that I did this row with NO mistakes (ha!), I did the next best thing: I counted. 137. It should have been 136. One extra stitch. DOH! So I knit 2 together, thereby decreasing by one and I’m back on track.

Mishap #2
With the correction in the number of stitches made, I knit happily along. On the next color change I knew I didn’t have enough yarn in the skein to do a whole color section so I picked up a new skein and made the color change. Three rows in I discovered it was the wrong color.

🙂 There was nothing for this but to frog. I am quickly becoming an expert in un-knitting.

Mishap #3
With the correct color on, I knit happily along, made the next color change successfully and then came TO THE LAST section. I knit 3 rows and then was running out of yarn so, I decided to use my newly acquired yarn splicing technique and I attached the new skein of yarn only to discover that I did it backwards. *sigh* I should have known by this point that my Mistake-Level-O-Meter(R) was set on high. I had cut the remainder of the old skein off before realizing the mistake and the only remedy at this point was to un-knit about 10 stitches and redo the splice or to make a knot and simply attach and go. Since I’ve done this whole blanket without knotting anything, that option was out, so I un-knit my last 10 stitches and re-did the splice. I now have 3.5 more rows to knit before this thing is finished, and I sure hope I don’t mess them up.

I’ll keep you posted. If all goes *well* today, I will be blocking this thing tonight when I get home from band practice.


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  1. I think the universal knitting law goes something like, “The number of stitches needing to be frogged is inversely proportional to the amount of time left before the article is needed/gift is due.” Yup. You’re right on track!

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