vacations are not for sleeping

My “vacation” last week was a very busy one.

Saturday: bake apple cake; pick up Marylin from airport; spend afternoon knitting, talking and catching up.

Here is my Great Aunt Cookie’s Fresh Apple Cake

Sunday: made Apple Pecan Pancakes for breakfast and Creamy Potato Soup for Lunch; knit all the rest of the day.

Started this little guy:

His name is Elijah and it is my first 3D object. I’ve now completed both bottom legs and part of one arm.

Monday: trip to Vogue Fabrics in Evanston and afternoon of knitting.

Tuesday: go to airport and swapped Marylin for parents. My parents are Food Network affianatos and Dad had a hankering for something that was featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. A quick web search revealed Frank’s Diner, a complete dive, in Kenosha.

Wednesday: 2 trips to Home Depot were required to replace my old thermostat with a new fancy-schmancy programmable one.

apparently it really does matter how each of those connectors is labeled. My old thermostat had a W, RH and RC connectors and it looks like most new programmable thermostats don’t use the RH or RC wires. This caused much confusion on our part and several phone calls to my personal electrician, Michael. Second trip to Home Depot found a very knowledgeable and helpful employee who was willing to open boxes and read instructions to find just the right device. Success has been achieved.

Thursday: trip to Plainfield to visit friends (electrician being one of them). Plainfield is 70 miles away and a day trip down there really does take about 5 hours. We were rewarded with good company and excellent pizza.

Friday: 2 trips to Ace Hardware (we are consistent if nothing else) were required for our next project. Replacement of the bathroom door knob, which Dad broke last year when he was here.


It was important to Dad that we maintain the 92-year-old integrity of the house and keep the old knobs. Dad took the old one off and took it down to Ace (trip #1) and the very helpful people there found a very respectable replacement for the innards. Unfortunately we had to make some modifications which required trip #2 to purchase a chisel. After much grunting, tugging, pulling, chipping, discussion and bruised elbows (Dad hit me with the hammer – but I forgave him), we finally got it installed and functional. Now, you can no longer accidentally lock yourself in my bathroom. YEY!

Saturday (#2): shopping, movies and treats.

This is dad “trying” to eat some chocolate peanut butter ice cream. It was rock-hard. He really needed a knife to eat it, but chose to make a mess instead (notice the drops of chocolate ice cream on the table/napkin? There was a lot more of those by the time he was done).

Sunday: church, lunch and yet another airport run. I was really looking forward to an evening alone to “regroup” before a busy work day, but then I got a phone call from the Hispanic congregation that meets in my church building that there was a problem with the speakers…so I went out again and spent the evening listening to a 1 1/4 hour sermon…in Spanish.

Now you see why I really need a vacation…alone…with knitting and audiobooks in hand.


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  1. More lighthouses in your future? It was a bit action packed, wasn’t it? At least there is always the work week to rest up during…

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