the blessings of fall

Fall is by far my most favorite time of year. I love the trees changing color…I love the leaves on the ground (although I could do without all the raking them up business)..and I love these things:

Flowers that bloom in the fall. The library’s back door has a stepped, walled “garden”. My boss has the amazing ability to grown anything…and she has transplanted most of her home flowers to here – namely different colors of cone flowers. But 3 years ago we planted a row of mums…purple, yellow and red (the red are to the left of the yellow ones, you just can’t see them) and before you ask…yes, I did help plant them. Probably the only plants I’ve ever planted outside that are not now dead. But aren’t they beautiful? When we planted them she wasn’t sure that they would come back…but they have, every fall since.

This morning when I went outside to my car there was a cool, crisp dampness from a light morning mist that had settled over the land. It is not cold enough for a coat and it is not warm enough for shorts, but it is perfect for capris and sweaters. There is something that speaks to football on a day like today and hot crackling fires.

(No, I didn’t take that photo…found it on a site promoting Gatlinburg in the Smokey Mountains (beautiful, BTW, you should go if you’ve never been))

But part of my drive to work every day has a view similar to this…a tree lined road, laden with leaves of color.

I love fall, don’t you?



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  1. Fall is my favorite time too. The cool air whispers knitting ideas in my ear, warning me that soon will be the time for hats and mittens!

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