strangeness all the way around

I believe in computer gremlins. You know, those little guys that live in your computer and change things on you? (I’m sure my Mom and Dad are going, “yeah, and their name is Tonja”…but I’m not talking about me today, okay?) I came in this morning and looked at my calendar and everything was in military time! It wasn’t that way yesterday! The only explanation is gremlins. (Just so you know, your Outlook Calendar is connected to the Date/Time settings on your computer’s clock – so my clock would have had to change and I KNOW I didn’t make that type of change to my PC yesterday! I know it for sure.)

Then someone on a list serve that I subscribe to asked a question that I actually knew the answer to and when I went to take screen shots to that they could see what I was talking about – well, let’s just say that the 30-hours of work I had put into re-designing a certain report at work disappeared. Completely. I was dumbfounded. Completely. I went into panic mode and looked at registry settings, report settings, application settings and I just couldn’t see why all my *lovely* modifications had gone by the wayside. It is at times like this that I really *really* want to defenestrate my computer. But I tried to be calm. Tried not to panic. Took some deep breaths and started all over…and there they were. They were just hiding.

Then one of my users called me to report a problem. It seems as though the application programmer of our student information system didn’t put in a cascade delete command on a certain pair of tables and now we can’t delete anything from the parent table without first deleting the child from the back-end, which is me. No, I’m not a back-end. I’m just the back-end programmer. (Stop it Dad, I can hear you laughing all the way up here!)

Then I was on Facebook and a friend (actually the husband of a friend…) admitted to something out of character for him…I’m telling you: strangeness all the way around today.

But I have had 2 nights of good sleep. And I made my first ever chicken pot pie last night and it wasn’t completely inedible. Which is good, I suppose, for a first chicken pot pie. And I get to play games tonight with a fairly awesome set of kids up in Waukegan. Hopefully they won’t be strange today too…