north south, south north, repeat

Yesterday was an odd yet delightful day. I spent most of Saturday doing the requisite “house cleaning” things that need to be done before company of any sort comes for an extended stay. I had (thankfully) scrubbed the bathroom floor last weekend, so didn’t need to do that again. But the livingroom, dining room and other things in the bathroom desperately needed attention.

I had pulled out all of my yarn about a month ago, sorting it, photographing it, and generally taking stock of it. I had no idea what I had been collecting these last 5 years! I threw some things away (*shock*) and frogged some projects I knew I would never finish. But when I finally got all the yarn back into appropriate bins and back into the craft room, the living room retained all the little bits and pieces of things I didn’t know what to do with. Saturday, though, it all went into the trash (*shock*).

The dining room table was a disaster. Saturday it got cleaned up. I even vacuumed and mopped (*shock*) the livingroom and diningroom floors!

I was so motivated to do all of this on Saturday knowing that friends JH and RH were coming over for coffee. It was the perfect motivation and their visit was the perfect reward! JH is my former roommate and workmate and RH is a former workmate. I miss seeing them and being a part of their lives! If only AK could have made it the day would have been perfect!

So yesterday, knowing that I had a clean house and could therefore have a day of delights, I took extreme pleasure in spending the day knitting. Except for going to church – I did that too. In fact, speaking of church, this is my new toy:

That, my friends, is our new (relocated) sound board. It’s not as scary as it looks!

After church, I drove back up north (for those who don’t know, I live in the northern part of my county and my church is in the far southern part) to spend the afternoon knitting with Kate. (She even fed me lunch!) After that I drove back to church for our bi-monthly “craft night”. Again – delightful time with women from church who love to make things!

Here is what I’m working on:

This will be the baby blanket for our new campus pastor and his wife. The shower is the last Saturday in October…I sure hope I finish on time!

So I got to thinking about High School this weekend. Amazing to think about, but my 25 year reunion will be coming up next year and I think I’m going to go. I’m thinking about driving to Colorado to visit Heather and her family and then driving down to Tucson, probably down to Santa Fe, and then over into AZ and down through the state. Coming back I’d like to go through Dallas, over to Monroe and then back home. Whatcha think? Road trip anyone?


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  1. Depending what time of year your homecoming is, your Dad and I could meet you in Monroe. The baby blanket is very pretty. Good job!

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