there is a reason

I received in the mail yesterday a lovely little package of yarn (I know, I know, but hold on…keep reading). I purchased 6 skeins of yarn for a baby blanket for my new campus pastor, Nathan and his wife Julie. He is the pastor of Christ Church Highland Park, the new “campus” of my other church, Christ Church Lake Forest. Anyway, Julie’s baby shower is at the end of October, she’s due in December, and so I thought I should get started on a gift – ’cause you know that baby is going to need warm knits in December.

So last night when I got home, I pulled out the pattern and then went in search for the needles. As I was scrounging around my knitting bag, I suddenly realized that the nice new lace panel I’m knitting for my shawl were on size 8 needles and my shawl was on size 9. Yes – apparently I’m knitting two slightly different sized objects with the blind hope that they will somehow “fit together” when they need do. So now I’m in a conundrum. Do I frog the lace panel (again) or do I somehow just make it work? There really is not a huge difference between 8s and 9s – so I guess for now I will play it out and see what happens. Yes, there really is a good reason for the name of this blog!

In the meantime, I found another pair of 8s for the baby blanket, so I cast on for it this morning.

Here are the colors:

And here is the pattern:

This should be a really quick and easy knit – hopefully it will be finished by October 29th!


4 thoughts on “there is a reason

  1. I’m not sure how much of a difference it will make using two different size needles on your shawl. It could be substantial. Could you just do the rest of the shawl on nines?

  2. I would try to make up for the difference in the blocking. Lace always needs to be blocked, and in my experience it’s pretty stretchy and looks good stretched a little extra. Makes it look even lacier. So I’d try for that.

    1. Interesting idea. I was thinking of just moving up into 9s on the next round knitted…so that half would be at the smaller needles and the outside half would be on the larger. Still not sure which way I’m going to go…I do think that going up to 9s would open up the lace a little more…since the yarn is textured like tweed and it has a little bit of a “halo”…so the larger needles might be just the ticket to something a little lacier. Decisions…decisions!

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