math on Monday

I haven’t really had time to knit this weekend, but I am making progress on the lace panel insert for the shawl.


I finished the first chart this morning – which equals 26 rows of knitting. I have 34 stitches on each side of the square (trust me, it is squarish even though it looks like a circle right now), and it should be 70 by the time I’m finished, which means, of course, that this thing will double in size. I think. Is that how the area of a circle is determined? If we substitute inches for stitches, and there 34 inches to a side, and there are 4 equal sides, that gives an area of 1156.  By the time this is finished there’ll be 70 inches to the side and that gives an area of 4900. Wow. 1156/4900 = 23%. I’m only 1/4 of the way finished. And it looks like by the time I’m finished this thing will be 4x larger. Oh my – that math made my brain hurt.