as expected

You’ve probably started seeing those QR code thingies all over the place now – ads, billboards, even plastered to the sides of buildings (remember Kate?). So I started getting currious and thought I would download an app that could read them. Lo and behold I found that I could create them too! Here is what my “hidden message” said:

“Just checkin to see if anyone knows what this is or what this does. If you happen to know to read this, please add a comment telling me one thing: what is your favorite food? That’s all for now!  ~Tonja”

And as expected I got only 1 “valid” comment – from Jane, naturally. Such fun those things are!

Anyway, to day is Monday and I survived last week. Not sure how, but I did. We installed new sound equipment at church and had our first rehearsal on Thursday night – what a disaster! The sound was so bad…I was feeling a bit anxious and dejected. I didn’t sleep at all on Saturday night because I was thinking about all the things that could have gone wrong: horrible sound, no power, no projector, spelling mistakes on the screen (which I’ve done before), feedback from the mics. You name it: I imagined it.

So Sunday morning finally arrived and I walk in and Devin (the worship pastor) says: “hey, we just got these 2 cordless mics that we need to use today. Can you set them up?” Yeah, sure. (freak out) I can do that. (gasping for air, starting to have an anxiety attack) But I pulled it out of the box like I knew what I was doing and figured it all out. And everything just sort of magically went right. Perfect sound. Perfect visuals. All transitions went smoothly. And I didn’t die. What an awsome start to this new church! We even had lots of new people! About 30% more than normal – so that was GREAT!

Okay, I need to get back to work now. I’m still alive you know.


2 thoughts on “as expected

  1. This is why we love you, Tonja — speaking as both a friend and a former co-worker. Because even if you’re having that anxiety attack on the inside, on the outside you’re all like, “yeah, I’ll do my best to make that happen”, and then you do. Hurray for strong, capable women!

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