ushering in fall

On Monday the temps were in the mid 80s. Today they will be in the low 60s. Tomorrow: upper 50s. I’m guessing Fall is really on its way. I typically don’t mind fall because I love to wear sweaters. But today I’m not feeling the love. I have an upset stomach (totally feel like leaning over the toilet right now) and nearly every single muscle in my body is sore. Here’s what happened.

My church, Christ Church Lake Forest, has decided to branch out into the multi-location offerings of church services – which means that we are now also Christ Church Highland Park. We partnered with a small church in HP and have spent the last year renovating the church and bringing some of their equipment and such up into the 21st century. We started worshiping there back in April and have continued to make some minor modifications and such to the building. Our official launch is this Sunday: September 18.

Well, one thing lacking was a decent sound system. So we are having one installed – even as I write this. The installers started on Monday and I was there working Monday evening. During that time, Lee Ann – the tech person at the Lake Forest campus – thought it would be cool if I could “call in sick” on Tuesday and work with them all day as well. So I went into work (I had a very early meeting I couldn’t get out of) and then my boss let me go at 10:30. As a consequence, I hurt. All over. Back, knees and upper arms/shoulders.

Then, last night, I had my youth group. You can’t slow down with kids, you know. We were outside playing with this sock-throw thingie (it does have an official name but I can’t remember it) and we ran all over that soccer field throwing that thing. I collapsed into bed last night. But guess what? I’m still sore.

Then, to top everything off, I must have eaten something bad this morning because my tummy hurts something bad. I haven’t had to use the toilet yet, but the day isn’t over. I still have dinner with my small group tonight, though, so I am trying to muster through the day because I know that I will enjoy the company tonight.

So that is how I am usering in Fall this year. Sore body, upset tummy, but spending it with good company.

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