I forgot to mention my little cooking expedition this morning. I woke up at 5 (by alarm, not naturally) and decided to make my favorite Sausage and Zucchini Frittata! (Not that I have an “unfavorite” version of this – there is only one – but it is my favorite breakfast food.)



a new venture

I got a new cookbook for either Christmas or my birthday this year and I’ve been reading. This is a whomper of a book – it goes into complete details about everything related to cooking: pots and pans, utensils, word definitions, and recipes and how to alter them. It is a fascinating book.

So now that I’ve been reading, studying, reading and contemplating, I’ve decided upon my first recipe. Bread Pudding. I’m going to add dried cranberries, but other than that I’m making the base recipe. If all turns out well, I will take it to the Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend to share with my compatriots.

I knitterly news, I have finished one baby item for the Gordon’s (which they will be receiving as a gift on Maddie’s Baby Dedication on Sept. 20, so I can’t show pictures until then) and one baby item for Nathan and Julie, my new church’s campus pastor and his wife. (For those that don’t know, my church has recently (8 months ago) partnered with a church in nearby Highland Park and I’ve decided to be a part of that congregation. So it is a new location, and some people are “new” but it is still the same basic church.) Her baby shower isn’t until October, so you won’t see pictures until then. Sorry.

I have one more baby thing to make for Julie and I still need to buy yarn for that – so IF I buy ANY yarn at the Sheep and Wool Festival, it will be yarn for Julie’s baby present.

I have started a new shawl project that should be a quick knit. It is basically a capette (i.e. a mini cape), and it is knit in what is called a raglan style, which means that it is knit top down with increases coming basically from the neckline to the armpit to allow for increasing for the arms, then some stitches are taken off, the rest of the body is knit and then the arms are finished by picking up the stitches that were taken off and knit until the sleeves are as long as you want them. All of that is for the sweater, I obviously won’t put arms on the shawl. ‘Cause then it would be a sweater. Got it?

And lastly, I FINALLY picked up the remaining yarn I needed for the afghan I’m crocheting for my sister for Christmas. I say finally because I ordered this stuff, like, back in February, and just now picked it up. Now I just need to find the hook that I was using and I’ll be all set. Problem is, I can’t remember which hook size I was using – it was either an N or a Q, but I can’t remember – so I hope I find one that “looks obvious”, cause if I don’t, I’ll have to guess which one it was. And I don’t want to do that.

Anyway, that’s all the news that’s worth to print. Toodles!  (PS – this is blog post #299. I think I’m going to have to do something special for the next one…just need to decide what.  🙂 )