the biggest loser

This is a really quick post, but I’m starting to add a workout routine to my daily schedule again – all thanks to my Dad. A few weeks ago when I was home, my Dad was lamenting his *ahem*belly*ahem* and since I have often lamented mine, I sort of challenged him to play Biggest Loser with me…really *really* hoping he wouldn’t take me up on the offer, but alas, he did.

Today, day 1, here is what I did:

10 minutes of cardio (walking 2.5 speed incline 4-5)
Leg extensions – 12x 40lbs
Seated Leg Curl – 12x @ 60lbs
Pec/Delt thing – 12x @20 lbs
Lateral Pulldown 12x @40lbs
Seated chest Press – 12x @ 30lbs
Shoulder Press – 12x @20lbs
Bicep Curl – 12x @2olbs
Tricep Pushdown – 12x @40lbs
Seated Row – 12x @40lbs
6.5 minutes of cardio (walking again at 2.5, incline 3)

Now all I can think about is bed. Falling asleep. Lala land.


One thought on “the biggest loser

  1. Mom says:

    Next week will be better, or at least not as sore. Remember the mantra, ‘No pain, no gain’. It will get easier and less sore, I promise. And that is from experience.

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