the biggest loser

This is a really quick post, but I’m starting to add a workout routine to my daily schedule again – all thanks to my Dad. A few weeks ago when I was home, my Dad was lamenting his *ahem*belly*ahem* and since I have often lamented mine, I sort of challenged him to play Biggest Loser with me…really *really* hoping he wouldn’t take me up on the offer, but alas, he did.

Today, day 1, here is what I did:

10 minutes of cardio (walking 2.5 speed incline 4-5)
Leg extensions – 12x 40lbs
Seated Leg Curl – 12x @ 60lbs
Pec/Delt thing – 12x @20 lbs
Lateral Pulldown 12x @40lbs
Seated chest Press – 12x @ 30lbs
Shoulder Press – 12x @20lbs
Bicep Curl – 12x @2olbs
Tricep Pushdown – 12x @40lbs
Seated Row – 12x @40lbs
6.5 minutes of cardio (walking again at 2.5, incline 3)

Now all I can think about is bed. Falling asleep. Lala land.


One thought on “the biggest loser

  1. Next week will be better, or at least not as sore. Remember the mantra, ‘No pain, no gain’. It will get easier and less sore, I promise. And that is from experience.

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