time lapse life

With students beginning to return to campus life has gotten very, very crazy. Everybody needs data. Everybody needs help. In fact, I’m so busy that my life seems to be in some sort of time warp where things that used to be far off on the calendar are tomorrow. The Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival is a few weeks away. This Friday is The Lord of the Rings at Ravinia with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra providing the music. Plus I have paperwork due Sept 6th for my Cross-Cultural Field Ed at Trinity. These three things used to be months away…and now they are right around the corner.

Confession time. I am horrible at yard work. I can’t seem to keep the jungle at bay. Last night I came home to find the landlord of my neighbor’s house outside chopping down the part of the jungle that had crept onto his side of the fence. I then felt horrible because my jungle was creeping its way into his yard. So I told him I would have someone come and chop it all down for me. And then I got to thinking that, well, it’ll just come up again next year, so why even bother. Except that I would seriously like to build a garden (don’t laugh!) where the jungle currently is, so perhaps I should also have the “jungle whacker” also till up all the roots and stuff that causes plants to grow back year after year.

Knitting news: I’m almost done with the baby sweater I’ve been working on. It’s about time. Now I can concentrate on the sweater (sleeveless..but it’ll still be good for winter/fall).

Pickle update: they are good, better than I had expected, but I will have to add more salt next time.  Yum yum!

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  1. That’s the trouble with a jungle–they grow back. Digging up roots may slow it down, but something will sprout up there next season. Bet on it! Good news about the pickles.

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