a week back

I’ve been back for a week now and my vacation seems like it was months ago. This last week was a strange one. My boss was gone on her vacation, so I was “holding down the fort” all week. Then, it was discovered on Monday morning that my phone wasn’t working. At first I thought this was great – no phone calls = less work – but on Thursday it took a turn for the worse and I really NEEDED to make calls but couldn’t. The phone was finally repaired on Friday and it was none too soon.

I’ve been working constantly this week to finish up the database project that I’ve been working on for the lawyer in Lake Forest. As of this post it is 98% finished. Just a few more little tasks and then I need to re-import all his current data and I’ll be good to go.

I did something adventurous today and made my first batch of pickles.

It really was much easier than I had thought. I found the recipe here, from a blog that I read. I just hope they taste good.

That’s what’s happening with me. I’ve recovered from vacation. I’m back at work. My boss will be back next week. And – I think we’ve hired a new programmer.



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