the token forgotten item

Every time I pack to go somewhere I forget something. Interestingly enough it is never the same thing. Sometimes I wish it were. Last Christmas, my friend Jane drove me to the Milwaukee airport for my Christmas vacation. I was waiting for her on my front porch, phone in hand. I thought I would just pop out and get in her car, but she wanted to see my “newly” painted living room. So we go back in the house and in the process of putting my coat on and gathering my bags – the phone got left behind. Which really wasn’t a huge deal. I mean, a vacation without a phone? Really? It was actually quite nice. The problem came when I got back home. You see, my Blackberry had been having issues with the battery – when it lost its charge completely it would not recharge – and I had already replaced one battery and was not about to go through months of potential battery replacements, so I ended up getting a new phone. Huge adjustment going from a Blackberry to an Android!

So I’m just wondering, on the eve of my departure for Atlanta, what it is that I will forget?

  • knitting?    check
  • phone?       check
  • dirty laundry?      check
  • laptop?       check
  • Kindle?      check
  • iPod?          check
  • clean laundry?      check
  • medicine?    um…check, I think
  • ???

EDITED: (update at 1:20 PM) – Yup, it was my medication that I forgot. My “toaken forgotten items” never seem to be unimportant things…always major things. And, seeing as I am lazy, I called my doctor’s office to have them fax in an emergency refill at my mom’s pharmacy, called the pharmacy insurance to get it cleared, and now I will only be 1 day without my meds. Luckily they are not mood altering or essential.  🙂  Live is an adventure!